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The truth and nothing but

the truth


Whom or what and why!

A teacher gave me my alias .She understood the subtly and profound way, in which I am forming my sentences

Certainly, sometimes I am pronouncing truths so distinct, that the number of my oficial enemies is rising, which I don´t regret, yet the glimpse in the mirror, without clenching the teeths, is granted to only very few.

I can´t change the fact, that I am making enemies,

but I don´t feel sorry about it.

If a dishonest society is the only society viably, it honours me to be called socially unacceptable.

And who believes, the crowd of people is always justified, misjudges, that history already taught us the opposite!

Subtilius, 07/12/2008


Pain is the motor of the poet!
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Wir sind nicht alle in Gottes Hand!
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